MAPLE’s Mission

  • MAPLE is a collaborative community of educators focused on professional development for teaching, learning, and leadership.
  • The purpose of MAPLE is to establish a collaborative structure for continuously improving education systems by building the capacity of educators and other constituents.

MAPLE’s Vision

  • As a collaborative partnership, MAPLE serves as a dynamic and progressive champion of meaningful professional development addressing the needs of the regional education community.
  • Stakeholders view MAPLE as the foremost resource for connecting with sound, relevant professional development information and opportunities.  MAPLE is also viewed as entity which studies the big picture and helps educators connect the dots with reform initiatives.
  • By bringing key partners together, MAPLE functions as a facilitator for engaging entities in shared priorities.  MAPLE serves as a forum for dialogue in helping its partners develop shared understandings and common messages about education.
  • MAPLE serves as a communication source and tool that empowers it to offer a valid big picture of professional development needs and resources.
  • Structured as a learning organization, MAPLE invests in a shared vision, encourages systems thinking, engages in reflection and inquiry, values group processes and learning, and emphasizes responsibility and accountability of individuals and entities